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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Chapter One: Let's Recap "Made" Premiere with Emerica, PBR, and Wing Girls

We did have the premiere plans for a party bus ride but due to unforeseen circumstances, plans changed.
Either way the premiere turned out great.

The video was heavily doused in skateboarding FIRE!!  In other words, Emerica brought the fire!  PBR brought the liquids and the Red Bull Wing Girls brought the wings.  Actually Ken cooked the free wings to eat but the Girls dropped by with some Red Bulls.

The G Team attended, which you'll see in the video.  Overall a great time.  Provost killed it.  Romero killed it.  Westgate KILLED it.  New AM, Jeremy can't remember his last name but his part is imprinted on our MINDS!  But it's Leabres if you were wondering.

If you miss out on our Premieres, don't take it lightly, you are missing OUT!  But no worries, come out to the next one.
We always post 'em up, make sure you don't miss it!

Check out the recap:

Don't forget, you can pick up the video and hardcover book in shop at Galactic G or here online.
The book has three different covers, which kind of wants to make us collect em all...

Lastly but not leastly, a BIG thanks to Emerica, PBR, Red Bull, and all who showed up to enjoy!  Cheers.