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Thursday, September 24, 2015

New Store Front Window Graphic

Thanks to all of the local reps getting us stuff for the shop! Today we received front door window vinyl. Super stoked on this, it will help customers know that we know about skateboarding in Orlando.

2020 N. Orange Ave.
Orlando Florida 32804

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Fakie Tre Video Contest

Watch the tutorial video from www.StreetLeague.com on a Fakie 360 Kickflip, or as the skateboarders slang, a "Fakie Tre" on the link below.

To enter the video contest, grab your friend, mom, girlfriend or whoever will film you. Put the camera in their hands and make sure they get you landing a Fakie Tre. This can be on flat ground, over something, down something, or onto something.
Submit your video by posting it to our Facebook Page Here or email us at galacticgskateshop@yahoo.com


Friday, September 4, 2015

Where to Find Skateboards in Orlando, Florida

Where can you find hundreds of skateboards to choose from in Orlando, Florida?

Skateboard, Rack, Orlando
Largest Selection of Skateboards in Orlando, FL.

Galactic G Skateshop has been around almost 20 years, and has continued to grow no matter the economy. The shop has hundreds of skateboards, longboards and all of the accessories to go with it including wheels, bearings, nuts and bolds, grip tape and trucks to keep it all rolling straight.

Longboard Skateboard, Skateboards, Fast
Galactic's New Longboard Skateboard Rack

Come by the shop today, we offer gift certificates for holidays and upcoming birthdays. Our friendly staff will be your best friend in helping you find the best board and set up for you, your friend, or your kids.

Have any questions, we will be glad to take your call. Open from 10am-8pm M-S, Sunday 12noon-6pm


2020 N. Orange Ave.
Orlando, Florida. 32804