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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Great Holiday and Birthday Gifts On Sale

Galactic G has really great gift ideas like small tool boxes and socks that are perfect for the upcoming holidays and birthdays. The FourStar branded metal box is suited with metal latches, metal bracket for hanging, and a rubber foam seal. Great for nuts and bolts with plenty of room for tools or your lunch.

Lunch Box, FourStart, Clothing, Tool Box,

Another great gift that never stops giving is a pair of socks. Mom always gets you socks, and you never know why, but you use them all year long.
Cool socks with Kill Kitty on them are a really good gift for your skater friends and family members. Multiple colors and shin high, great for hiding your shins when your skateboard, rail or bike peddle nails your right on the Tibia bone. OUCH!!
Cover up those nasty scars with new Kill Kitty and Stance socks!

Kitty Socks, Cat Socks, Skateboard SocksTall Socks, Skateboard Socks, Bike Socks,

Come visit the shop today at 2020 N. Orange Ave. Orlando, Florida

Friday, August 7, 2015


We love Vans shoes since day one! Their team and employee's are some of the best in the business. Their shoes are comfortable, stylish, and inexpensive. We have a full line of most every style and in many different colors. There are also syndicate models that are made with more stitching, high class material, and make it a premium line of Vans.  We have a lot of Vans shoes and apparel.
Come in and see what we have on sale. 

Tony Trujillo Vans

New Longboard Skateboard Rack

During our latest remodel of the shop, we had a local fabricator make us a new rack for hanging almost 100 new longboard skateboards right as you walk in the store. The boards are now properly displayed so you can easily take them and put them on the ground to stand on before you buy it.

Orlando Skateboard Shop Longboarding

Because longboard skateboards very in different sizes, shapes, and flexibility, it is very important that we give our customers an easy way to identify size, colors, and the different styles of boards before they make a purchase. Our new rack from Drew McGuckin (ex pro wakeskater) came out perfect. If you are looking for fabrication work from an Orlando local, come to the shop and we can help you get in touch with him. 

Orlando Skateboard Store Shop Longboard Sector9
Thanks Drew!