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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Triple8 SweatSaver Helmets

Essential gear for serious shredding: Triple 8 The Certified Sweatsaver Helmets.
These helmets are crafted with an extra durable ABS outer shell, and an extra shock-absorbing EPS inner liner for maximum protection. They’re super light-weight, and as the name suggests, they’re designed to wick sweat for maximum comfort year-round.

Triple8 skateboard helmet swatsaver

Triple8 skateboard helmet sweat saver

We offer a variety of colors available in sizes XS/S, S/MED, L/XL.
At only $50 per helmet, we consider this purchase a no-brainer.
Stop in the shop to try one on, or buy yours here: https://galactic-g-skateshop.myshopify.com/search?type=product&q=Sweatsaver

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Triple 8 Downhill Gloves also in Rainbow Style

When you’re getting up to serious speeds during some downhill longboarding, you’ll want your protective gear to be well-designed.  The Triple 8 Downhill Gloves feature replaceable palm puck sliders, and the findertips are reinforced with Kevlar®. These gloves provide the right protection in a sleek, streamlined design so they feel good and don’t get in your way.

longboarding accessory gloves sliding

longboard rainbow sliding downhill protection gloves

We offer the Triple 8’s in Black and Tie Dye in a range of sizes from XS-XL.
This is a smart purchase that allows to take those downhill rides with confidence.
Buy yours here:

Welcome Galactic G Newest Team Rider: Dexter Caruthers

After being on the bench for some time now, Dexter Caruthers is back on the Galactic G Team starting line-up!
skateboard shop team rider new

He's put in the work and he's hungry. You see him out, you know the beast, be ready for what's next from Dexter C.
See Dexter's latest skating on his instagram account and follow Galactic G for future postings

Click Image for Video

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Saturday, May 26, 2018

New Galactic G Alien Skateboard "Taking Over" Graphic Now Available

Back by popular demand, our alien friend has a new graphic that is taking over the Galaxy!!!

Selling this crazy alien skateboard guy on a 7ply maple wood for strength in sizes 8.0" - 8.25" - 8.5"

This skateboard is available now in-store and online at - galacticg.com/taking-over

alien skateboard galactic g skateshopGalactic G taking over alien graphic

Friday, May 25, 2018

Vans Chima 2’s with Pro Ultracush and Pro Vulc Lite

Vans Chima 2 galactic G skateshop

Pro skater Chima Ferguson has released his second pro model with Vans, the Chima 2. 
Featuring a strong black canvas upper that’s doubled stitched to the original vans waffle sole that gives the skater amazing grip and support. Pro Ultracush insole provides the skater with a soft cushioning without sacrificing board-feel. 
Sewn under the canvas upper is the Vans duracap offering added protection and longevity well after you tre-flip through them. We also can’t forget to mention the Pro Vulc Lite construction to give the skater the best flex and traction while skating. 

Try a pair on and see why everyone wants to be Chima 2. 

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Orlando Go Skate Day 2018 Flyer

Go Skate Day 2018 Orlando Florida

Globe Big Blazer Longboard "Rainbow Serpent"

rainbow serpent big blazer
Big Blazer 32" 

Globe’s Big Blazer 32” Rainbow Serpent is the perfect go-to for smooth cruising and curb hopping to get you around town this summer.  It features 6” Slant truck for stability, Globe 62mm 83a wheels for smoothness and grip, and wheel wells to help prevent wheel bite during sharper turns.

lonboard skateboards short

For a bonus, choose one of the following Big Blazers with a built-in bottle opener for those cold cervesas you’ll be opening for yourself or your friends this summer:
Coral (perfect summer color)
Rainbow Serpent

Pick up a summer cruiser in store or on the Galactic G website: https://galactic-g-skateshop.myshopify.com/search?type=product&q=globe+big+blazer