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Friday, January 27, 2017

Photo's by Chase Gregory for New Skateboard Video from Carlos Leon

Central Florida filmer and pro skateboarder, Carlos Leon, is set to release another local skateboarding video with grassroots skaters and new kids throwing hammers. 
Marketing agency owner and local photographer, Chase Gregory, drove up to Casselberry to film and shoot Carlos, Greg Vining and friends. Here is what Chase captured one evening before the sun went down.

skateboarding trick 360flip
Carlos Leon NativeRoots 360flip 
Orlando skateboarding
Carlos Leon Nollie Frontside Flip

skateboard filming video
Filming Greg Vining Skateboarding

orlando skateboard filming galactic g
Greg Vining Backside 180

ollie skateboard orlando trick
Greg Vining Warms up with an Ollie Over a Handrail

skateboard tricks orlando
Filming Greg doing a 360flip

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