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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Why do skateboarders buy one brand over another? Lots of reason.

Sometimes it is the skateboard company’s history. Every
skateboard brand has a history…the history is often what
makes people passionate. History for a skateboarding
company is usually related to the skaters involved.
skateboard culture
 Image of Marc Johnson from Complex

For example some people starting buying Enjoi skateboards
because they liked and followed professional skateboarder
Marc Johnson. He founded the company with help by
Rodney Mullen in 1998 or 2000 (both dates appear online).

Or maybe because the motto means something to them,
Enjoi motto has and still is: "enjoy skateboarding; have fun!'
What skateboarder wouldn’t agree with that motto? No one!
Skateboard company logos are important too. Wearing them
shows your passion for skateboarding. Johnson has stated
that both the panda image and the name "Enjoi" were
derived from a dream. Skateboarders everywhere recognize
the Panda logo. Some even get tattoos to show their pride of
the lifestyle.
panda enjoi skateboard tattoo

Panda tattoo from Enjoi Instagram page:
Plus, the graphics are always important when buying a
skateboard and why Enjoi has always had a great core
group of artist to produce their art. Enjoi’s website has a
page with videos with the current crew of artist and how they
came up with some of the designs. Check it out if you love
their art.

Galactic G Skateshop Instagram photo of some of the Enjoi
boards we carry at our store and online.
buy skateboard online enjoi panda

No matter what reason you ride the Enjoi boards-- support
your favorite skateboard shop and Enjoi by buying online at:

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